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Dream On is a marketing consultant offering website development, print marketing and communication consulting for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Coffeyville, KS.

Embracing the Challenge, Lumps and All


Blog for Dream On Marketing and Consulting that hopes to help small businesses navigate the crazy marketing scene these days.  We aim to stretch your thinking and encourage you to try something new that might benefit your business


Embracing the Challenge, Lumps and All

Lisa Kuehn

It has been an amazing ride!  Two years ago this month, I submitted my resignation to my full-time, full benefits, 3 weeks + holidays off jobby-job and struck out on my own.  For sure it was scary, I don’t do failure well but starting my own gig has forced me to embrace it just a little more!

After 10+years in the workforce, working for someone else, I was sure I was ready to blaze my own trail.  And for the most part, I haven’t done too bad.  But occasionally I do falter and fall flat on my nose all for the sake of keeping it real.  For the over-achiever in me failure is a new thing, please realize I received one B in all of my college career, and that B definitely coincided with a semester that I ‘lost focus.’

But truly, starting this business has been a great adventure and I wouldn’t change it.  I am helping others sustain their dreams of owning their own business.  And that is good stuff.  The truth is, a wise man told me many years ago that seldom can a business owner be good at all three things required to be a successful business owner.  Small business owners have to make the widgets, understand their finances and promote what they do.  First they have to be skilled at their trade or at making their widgets, second they have to understand their finances and be able to keep their financial house in line and third they must promote and tell others their business. 

Small business owners have to make the widgets, understand their finances and promote what they do.

That is where we come in, if you rock at your trade or making widgets and you can manage your finances (or pay someone to manage them), then let us help tell the world about your awesome products and services.  Marketing today is much harder than it was 20 or even 10 years ago.  There is a vast plethora of choices out there and finding the right method of delivery to hit your target audience can feel like shoving a camel through the eye of a needle.  Not to mention that every day, there are new tools and technology making you wonder which one is right for you. 

So with all this said, I can assure you that we can help.  We can research your specific business, look at your current customer base and try to determine what is next on your marketing ‘to do’ list.  We can tackle one item on your list or try and knock out ten of them, it’s your call.  We are passionate about serving small businesses and helping them thrive!

So I guess the older and wiser me, knows that failure is just part of it.  But climbing the ladder on my own tree makes it all worth it.  If I'm not getting knocked down a rung every once in a while, then I am not pushing hard enough.  You can bet that I’m excited about what the future holds, lumps and all.