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Dream On is a marketing consultant offering website development, print marketing and communication consulting for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Coffeyville, KS.

What I know about Facebook


Blog for Dream On Marketing and Consulting that hopes to help small businesses navigate the crazy marketing scene these days.  We aim to stretch your thinking and encourage you to try something new that might benefit your business


What I know about Facebook

Lisa Kuehn

Probably the most common question I hear from business owners would be “How do I decide how to spend my advertising dollars? There are so many options out there, and I cannot afford to do them all, so what is worth my time and money?”

You would be correct.  I wish I had one cookie-cutter answer for every business, but that would not make me a very good Marketing Consultant.  That is why I'm here to tell you about the ever-growing popularity of using Facebook to market your business, which in relative terms seems like an overload of information, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Facebook is a constantly evolving force to be reckoned with; envision it as a large cup of coffee, and every time I take a sip and try to understand all it can do, somehow my cup refills itself and I find that I have more to learn.  Its capabilities are endless, and you could easily burn your time trying to understand it all.

What Facebook has been able to do, that others have not, is grow their users.  Not all social media can tout that fact.  The truth is Facebook is still able to show users for the most part ‘what they want to see.’  According to TechCrunch, Facebook hit the 1 Billion user mark and has continued a steady climb.

Source: techcrunch 

Source: techcrunch 

You cannot fight or outsmart the Facebook algorithm.  The algorithm, in short, determines who sees what and how often.  It decides what you see in your News Feed and what is lost for others to try and find. You have two options: either embrace it or give up on using Facebook.  A word to the wise, if someone ever tells you they completely understand Facebook, run away quickly.  There is not a person on this earth who knows Facebook to its full capacity, well, except Mark Zuckerburg, maybe.

As daunting as it may seem, Facebook knows a lot about you.  From shopping and dining habits to hobbies and employment they have data on you.  Which means they also have data on those individuals that fall into your market. See where I’m going with this?  Facebook provides by far one of the most measurable marketing tools that we have ever encountered with almost instantaneous feedback.

Let me introduce to you The Boost button. This is the ‘Easy Button’ when it comes to advertising. Facebook has found a way to make marketing somewhat simplistic for everyone.  Enter your credit card, pick your audience based on a few key demographics and hit the button.  Your post will run.

However, there is SO much more to it than that.  Facebook will allow you to create audiences for your message, craft a detailed campaign with ad sets, and also create ads that are specific to your objective.  You can reach far past demographics and interests to specify your audience.  You can use email addresses to create Data Custom Audiences and then in turn Lookalike Audiences.  Each audience can be targeted with ads and these tools allow you to exclude your page fans.  What does all of this mean?  

A comprehensive Facebook campaign can yield increased traffic to your website, increased interaction, better brand awareness or market your next event. Understanding the tools available within Facebook can benefit your business.  Although, having the time to grasp its complexity and use it to the fullest might cost you half of your workday, it has mine!

What’s next?  In February we’ll roll out the next one in this series “What Else I know about Facebook!”